Young Climber Ellie Rymer

“Young Climber Ellie Rymer!”
– it even has a good ring to it don’t you think?

“Sleep, climb, eat, repeat. Wannabe monkey and professional chocolate eater” – Ellie Rymer

Well, this ‘wannabe monkey’ has certainly caught our attention at Stone Monkey HQ! Not only has this girl been scaling the heights of national success with two super podium finishes over the space of a fortnight (back in August). She finished second in the Youth A section of the British Youth Climbing Series final at the EICA in Edinburgh, the world’s largest indoor climbing arena. Two weeks later, Ellie reached the final in the British Bouldering Championships, finishing second against Great Britain team members.

Ellie, who trains at Harrogate Climbing Centre has clearly made her mark as one of the most consistent junior competition climbers in the country under coaches Ellie Howard and Dave Barrans. But still she has a dream to reach further and climb higher …

“My dream is to get into the British team and compete in the World Youth Climbing Championships”
Watch the video of Ellie as she states her hopes and aspirations to become one of the best climbers

So who is this girl who is climbing her way to the top?
Who is Ellie Rymer?
Ellie is a 16 year old girl who is a keen rock climber and competes regularly in local and
national events…

Ellie recently contacted us to update us with her climbing progress and we were delighted to hear of her achievements. Despite not doing as well as hoped Ellie placed 5th overall in the British Lead Climbing Championships that took place up in Edinburgh the other weekend. She only narrowly missed out on a place in the finals – it was by just half a point! In addition to this achievement Ellie also ventured further and competed in a senior competition. As this was her first at the standard we a thoroughly chuffed for her that she managed to achieve 11th place.
But this girl isn’t all work and no climbing play. Ellie also informed us that she took part in a speed climbing competition (persuaded by her friends!) and even managed to come 3rd in the junior girls place!
This young climbing star will now be training in preparation for two Open Youth comps in December, where we are sure her hard work, dedication and natural skill will pay off.

So where do we fit in?
After Ellie won some clothing from us at a small competition she couldn’t help but research our company and she loved what she saw…
“[Stone Monkey]sums up many of my thoughts about adventure sports, mainly the trust we must put into
our equipment, be that a harness or the clothing we wear. I loved that Stone
Monkey was so unique with some great ideas.”

Now, can you really argue with that?! See more of our thoughts here – you might even want to check out our clothes too… after all Ellie Rymer loved them!!

Ellie Rymer – keep climbing!