What Goes Up, Must Come Down!

Amazing climber that has a 40-60 foot fall!

Didier Berthod, a Switzerland climbing guru is trying to make the first free ascent of Squamish’s Cobra crack (5.14) in BC Canada. This was from the film movie “First Ascent” by SlenderFilms.
Many have tried to attempt this daring climb, but until June 2006, nobody had been successful. Didier was trying to be the first to climb it in 2006, but on the day he suffered from a knee injury. This left the task up to to Sonnie Trotter who managed to accomplish this mission. He completed the first ever free ascent of what is arguably the most difficult ‘crack’ in the world.

Take a look at this attempt:
Just watch how he has to climb, clinging onto the smallest ledges and even pulling himself up with his fingers!

But what goes up, must come down so watch out for the shock slip at the end of this film. If it doesn’t make your heart jump into your mouth, then maybe you are brave enough to attempt Squamish’s Cobra crack…