The Best Climbers – Revised

Further to our post on July 16th about the best climbers in the world… Here is a quick update…

A recently published national study in the United States called “Outdoor Recreation Trends & Futures” has just revealed that rock climbing is now included in the top 5 activities for growth.
“Challenge Activities like mountain climbing, rock climbing & caving are projected to grow 50-86% in this period”

So, many people have taken to revising who are actually classed as the top 10 climbers in the world. Complete with description, images and even video footage this website camprox is the place to go for all the information you could almost, ever require.

Check it out.
And let us know what you think.

  • Sameer Gupta

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks for the mention. Yours is a fantastic blog. Good luck for future endeavors. Let me know if I can be of any help.
    Also, I just wanted to give you the correct link to the blog post that you have referred to.


    • Sorry for the late reply!
      Had a bit of a rejig of the blog forum and I somehow lost your comments.
      Thanks for the correct link, i’ll edit it in now 🙂