Ski Season is Not Over!

In our last post, we all told you to hop along to the ski slopes over Easter…

How right we were that the ski season wasn’t over yet!

Snow has been falling in many areas – it feels more like Winter rather than Summer time! This Blog has been showing us how crrrrazy the weather has been this year, but how it has made the ski season carry on…

There are still lifts to ride and slopes to slide.

But if you can’t reach any snow … then why not check out any indoor resorts? Our closest one to Stone Monkey HQ is the at Trafford Park – Chillfactore.

Not only does it contain a pretty decent indoor slope for skiers and snowboarders alike, the chillfactore offers more winter sports in the form of lessons, tubing and the recent Avalanche!
Not only that, there is an area for climbing, plenty of places to eat and many clothing shops such as Subvert and the North Face. (We really think we should belong here!)

So if you live in Manchester – why not check it out?!


Remember, the ski season is not over!