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In extreme environments you learn quickly that something failing because it’s not good quality could really be the end of the your world, so we became obsessed with quality, and we still are.

C2 Summit Review

C2 Summit Product Review


The lessons we learnt playing in the most extreme mountains, cliffs, chasms and climbing grounds still fire our obsession with quality: we choose the best materials, we test our stuff to destruction and we’re not afraid to say that it’s better made and better designed than other brands you might find out there.



“Quality, quality, quality – this is our mantra.” 

You’ve heard us state, claim and even brag about our clothes. The style, the fit, the quality. Even if our own comments haven’t managed to convince you yet we’ve now got back up to prove it. We recently supplied C2 Summit Adventures with a few sample products including the Ranulph Hood and our favourite Laurie Tee and they took our clothes with them as they travelled to Mont Blanc and Chamonix. Much to our delight, they loved our clothes! (Should we be surprised?!) And have written this great Product Review for us.

So now we have a review to back our own opinions up…

“The quality of these Stone Monkey items are second to none with a tremendous effort put into the overall construction using the most durable and soft materials.”

C2 Summit Review - Mont Blanc/Chamonix

C2 Summit Product Review – Mont Blanc/Chamonix

“Stone Monkey themselves admit their clothes aren’t for ‘Climbing Everest’ which is obvious but at the end of a days skiing relaxing in an Alpine hut or finishing at the crag they’re perfect!!”

C2 Summit Product Review

C2 Summit Product Review

“My personal favourite is the Ranulph Hood which I’ve been wearing regularly since coming home, especially now with the cold snap hitting. I’ve taken it to the Alps, surfing on the North Coast of Ireland, climbing days, stuffed it into several kit bags and washed it loads……it still looks like new.”

C2 Summit Product Review

C2 Summit Product Review

If you want to see more of the review by Richard Franklyn and with fellow climbing partner and photographer Steven Carmichael (and you should!) then click here…

Still not convinced? Why not check out our website and sample a few clothes for yourself. We do have a refunds policy… But we don’t think you’ll need to use it!