Pier-Jumping Kitesurfer Brings Big Air to Worthing

The kitesurfer who made headlines by jumping Worthing Pier and Brighton Palace Pier is making waves yet again, announcing a new kite surfing competition taking place in Worthing this summer. The Big Air Open will take place between 9am and 6pm on Saturday the 14th of July on Worthing seafront.

Lewis Crathern grew up in Worthing and was the youngest British Pro Men’s Kitesurfing Champion at the age of 20, despite never having flown a kite before the age of 17. He accumulated four British Championships as well as a consistent Top 20 World Ranking, but it was his Pier jumps which really brought him attention through news headlines. After a successful career in kitesurfing, Crathern is now turning his attention to presenting, commentating and event organising.

The Big Air Open will test how high kitesurfers can jump, and will consist of local and international talent. Lewis Crathern confirmed that he would not be taking part in the event, which probably serves as a relief for many participants, but would be judging and commentating. He said: “I am extremely excited about The Big Air Open, especially as it takes place in my home town of Worthing.

“This will be an amazing format for kite surfers of all levels to take on the wind and waves, show off their skills and compete for The Big Air Open Title.

“We have all worked hard on making this one of the best kite surfing competitions of the year.”

Image: Stevevoght on Flickr

Over thirty kite surfers of various levels are expected to compete on Saturday 14th of July in Worthing, to see who can jump the highest and win The Big Air Open title. The competition is held as part of the Olympic Torch Relay weekend, and offers an £800 cash prize for the winner. There are 36 places available, twelve of which are reserved for local ‘wildcards’ who will be selected by committee.

The competition is open to competitors of both sexes, and is based on 28 eight-minute heats. Three riders will be on the water in each heat, with 1st and 2nd place competitors advancing to the following round. The prize will be awarded to the winner from 8pm at The Tangerine Bar on Worthing seafront.

Partners of the event currently include Worthing Borough Council, Visit Worthing, Breathe Unity PR, Windmachine, Hybred Productions, United Magic Film Studios, Tangerine Bar, Breathe Unity Network and The Burlington Hotel. Since Crathern gained fame from his kitesurfing, he has begun a promising new career as a commentator and presenter for kitesurfing events.

Alan Cairns writes on a number of subjects including kitesurfing, bungee jumping and tandem skydiving.