London Olympics 2012, Not Long to Go!

Can you believe there are only 44 days left to go until the Olympics?
Well, 44 days, 13 hours, 22 mins and 34 secs if you want to be precise! Follow the count-down

London will be the place where sports ranging from badminton to BMX, swimming to shooting and hockey to the hammerthrow. This years summer games will see 26 sports in total. With the UK hosting the events, there is obviously a lot of pressure on both our new and experienced athletes, but it also means that we have the greatest opportunity to support them.
So why not get behind them by broadcasting the colours of the Great British flag? Since the Jubilee weekend, I’m sure many of you will have enough flags, bunting and decorated cakes to last you a life time!
But how about taking it that one step further…

Here at Stone Monkey we are a brand that basis or clothing around some of the most extreme sports. We aim for all our clothes to have a quality finish and that satisfy the need to be active. We take pride in our GB heritage and many of our clothes boldly proclaim the three national colours – red, white and blue.

So why not check out our website and get wearing the colours with pride. After all, this year is going to be a feast of red, white and blue – so you may aswell get in there first!