Avalanche – The world’s first snow sphereing experience!

Are you brave enough to ride the Avalanche?

This experience isn’t for those with a faint heart, for those with travel sickness and for anyone who cannot take the task of riding the Avalanche! Your pulse will be racing as you hurtle down the UK’s longest indoor ski slope at speeds up to 30mph in a snow sphere which is 4 metres in diameter!

Check out this promotional video by Chill Factore…

Involved in the day will be the provision of a Flight Suit, boots, harness and gloves. Once kitted out, there is then a 15 minute walk in the snow to the top of the slope where you will receive your final briefing when you reach the top.

As you ride the Avalanche in twos, you will be paired with your riding partner to make the most of the view from the top of the main slope – and to hear the shriek of the rest of the group!

Then it’s time to roll!

After the most exhilarating ride of your life your – a huge 4G’s of force and 10, full 360° revolutions –you can take on the Avalanche again for a second roll if you’re feeling brave enough.

And just to prove your bravery to your friends, Chill Factore have even provided Avalanche Memorabilia.So you can brag to your friends that you took on the Avalanche and there is even the option to purchase a photo of your own ride down the slop – let’s hope you don’t look too frightened!
there’s also the opportunity to purchase photos and memorabilia from your ride.

Avalanche Prices:
Prices for this ride range from £40 to £80 depending on the time and number of passengers.

We think its worth your pound, dollar or euro … So, would you be willing to ride the “AVALANCHEEEEEE!!”