The Best Climbers

We think it would be hard for anyone to deny how courageous (some would say foolhardy!) those souls are that take on solo-climbing. These climbers takle huge rock faces without any ropes or protection – they risk their lives for the sake of the sport! Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate “The Best of Climbing.”

However, it’s not easy to name the top climbers in this sport. “Rock climbing is a very diverse sport and naming the five best rock climbers is like listing the five best runners.” It is easy to see this is true becayse there are many different aspects in the sport of clombing including many sub specialities such as bouldering and mountaineering. But others have made the attempt, and here are the names of those who deserve the title:

1. Chris Sharma

2. Russell Brice

3. Dean Potter

4. Tommy Caldwell

5. Josune Bereziartu

To find out more about why these guys have been named, due to their difficult attempts and awards won visit “Made Man” By Maggie Elliot

We have even decided to showcase some of the best names in indoor climbing. Even though not as dangerous and visually thrilling as solo-climbing this sport is still technically brilliant and involves skill, speed and strength.

So, do you agree with the named ‘best climbers’? Or is there someone else who inspires you and your climbing attempts?