Climbing Climbing Climbing

Our passion for climbing is essential to everything we do.
Be it the sport itself, its history or simply the essence of the sport…


“Here at Stone Monkey we’ve always believed that life should be one big adventure, that’s why when we started in 1994 we were inspired by conquering the world’s most extreme environments, and it’s that sense of adventure, that unique thrill which still drives us today…

…Our clothes and accessories are built for the adventurer, the thrill-seeker, the rebel, and the individual in you. They’re unique: always designed with adventure in mind, but built for the life you live. You might not climb Everest in the clothes we make, but there’s a little bit of the spirit of Everest in them, even if you’re just chilling with your friends on the beach.  So whatever your adventure, live it in Stone Monkey.”


Many of the designs of our clothing have been inspired by climbers and the mountains; Our signature stamp of ‘8848’ marks the summit of Mount Everest.