A Little History Lesson

We know, we know. A history lesson isn’t exactly what everyone whats to read on a blog page. But trust us, this one is worth it! In one (admittedly long photo!) the essentials and history of rock climbing is explained … Continued

The Best Climbers – Revised

Further to our post on July 16th about the best climbers in the world… Here is a quick update… A recently published national study in the United States called “Outdoor Recreation Trends & Futures” has just revealed that rock climbing … Continued

Olympic Highlights

Okay. We will admit it – White flag flying and hands up in full surrender. We are having slight withdrawel symptoms from the Olympics. But surely you can all understand why after our fantastic, thrilling and tear-jerking London 2012 Games. … Continued

The Best Climbers

We think it would be hard for anyone to deny how courageous (some would say foolhardy!) those souls are that take on solo-climbing. These climbers takle huge rock faces without any ropes or protection – they risk their lives for … Continued