Stone Monkey’s rich heritage as a pioneering British Rock Climbing clothing brand

17 years old now, the climb­ing land­scape has per­haps changed and so too has Stone Mon­key… but only a little. We are proud of our her­it­age and the import­ance of quality that has always under­pinned the Stone Mon­key brand.  From day one, when the guys and gals at DMM from the foot­hills of Snow­do­nia set up Stone Mon­key cloth­ing, quality has always been para­mount and it still is today. Read More



“Commitment to quality remains our no.1 pri­or­ity and it is equal to the strict climb­ing hard­wear qual­ity controls:  Quality of design, to give you com­fort and style ; qual­ity of man­u­fac­ture, to give you the highest qual­ity fabrics and hard­wear­ing, longlast­ing products.”

Today, we’re tak­ing inspiration from fash­ion, music, TV and film as well as urban and action sports, including climb­ing.   So, Stone Mon­key can be worn for any occasion – for lazy BBQ’s, beach volleyball, Frisbee in the park, hanging out with mates and for wrap­ping up, dress­ing up and chilling down post all of your favourite adrenalin-inspired sports.

Stone Mon­key today is into all out­door adven­ture and act­ive sports… deep-water bouldering, parkour and street running, trial bikes… rap­ids, surf, snow … as long as there’s adren­alin involved, tricks to be done and chal­lenges to be conquered, lim­its to be pushed… we’re there !

Whilst we do not make tech­nical gear, we do make the best qual­ity cas­u­al­wear. Hood­ies that you will have to have and will not want to take off. Our clothes adhere to the strict qual­ity con­trols of climb­ing gear.  Fab­rics are heavy weight, long last­ing, super­soft and in cool col­ours and graph­ics for all style savvy lov­ers of action sports.

Whatever your adven­ture live it in Stone Monkey!